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Frequently Asked Questions

Is that real rock?

That is not a question, it is a compliment! We are not traditional masons, we do not use real stone or any man made stone in any of our projects. We hand carve and color 100% of all our projects. The details and textures are so realistic, that people think our projects are real rocks and stones.

It looks so real, how do you do that?

Our process of stone facing is done as an over lay. We prepare the post, wall, ceiling, etc. in a specific method which enables the light weight vertical concrete mix to bond to the surface. Then with this clean “canvas of concrete”, as artists we design, hand carve and color each stone to perfection!

Can this be done in my existing home?

Yes, it is an overlay which can go over any surface with the correct preparation. This method of stone facing is perfect for remodels, new construction, residential, retail, commercial, interior or exterior. Also we can usually eliminate the demolition stage of the process, which allows for Vertical Concrete Creations to get the job done faster and with less of a mess.

How much does it cost?

My answer to this question is, “How much do you have to spend?” Not the answer your looking for? Now let me explain……… Because each project is so different due to location, ease of access, new construction, remodel, design, etc. we do not use the “price per square foot” approach. We usually can eliminate the demolition process.  Also, since we design, do the build out, prepare the substructure and hand carve each stone to fit the design specifically, it enable Vertical Concrete Creations to design a project that fits within your budget.